Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Name Matching

Recently, we added simple name matching capabilities to Tropicos®.

Basically, all that you need to do is point to a tab-delimited file that contains the list of names you want to check and click a button.

The first row of the file needs to be a header row of column names. Your file needs to contain a column called "FullNameNoAuthors" (e.g. "Ochlopoa annua"), and/or a column called "FullNameWithAuthors" (e.g. "Ochlopoa annua (L.) H. Scholz"). If your file contains both columns, we will first attempt to match on the name with authors; then (if there is not a match) we will attempt to match on the name without authors.

Here is an example input file:

To try this out, click on the following link (or click "Name Matching" in the Tools menu):

Click on the "Browse" button to locate the file on your local machine.

Then, click the "Match Names" button.

When processing is complete, an output file will be returned with the original columns, plus the following additional columns (from Tropicos data):
  • OutputNameID - Tropicos NameID (if matched)
  • OutputHowMatched - which column was matched
  • OutputFullNameWithAuthors - name with authors
  • OutputAbbreviatedTitle - publication abbreviation (where the name was published)
  • OutputCollation - publication collation
  • OutputVolume - publication volume
  • OutputIssue - publication issue
  • OutputPage - publication page
  • OutputTitlePageYear - publication title page year
  • OutputYearPublished - publication year published (if different from title page)
  • OutputNomenclatureStatus - Legitimate, No opinion, or nom. cons.
  • OutputBHLLink - link to the protologue in BHL
  • OutputBatchID - internal tracking number for the record batch


howtonetlifescience said...

How to cite TROPICOS

Juan Benavides said...

WOW that is really going to help adding author names with the right spelling. But just a note of caution the test file is the wrong one...can you please update it...

psmocko said...

What happened to the example file? I am trying to learn how to use the service.

Anonymous said...

My file doesn´t work. The error says: "Header row is not formatted as expected". I don't know what this is.

炎炎夏日 said...

What happened to the example file? I am trying to learn how to use the service.