Monday, July 26, 2010

Browse Tropicos® Specimens in Google Earth

Many of our specimens can now be browsed in Google Earth. To try this out, download the latest version of Google Earth and click on the following link:

In Google Earth, this will add a "Missouri Botanical Garden - Specimens (via Tropicos®)" folder to your "Temporary Places".

Pan and zoom into your area of interest, and up to 100 representative specimens will be shown for the area in view. As you zoom in further, more specimens are retrieved.

At any time, you can uncheck the folder to suspend display of the specimens.

If you would like to keep this folder, you can right click on the folder and select "Save to My Places". Alternatively, when you close Google Earth, it will prompt you "You have unsaved items in your 'Temporary Places' folder. Would you like to save them to your 'My Places' folder?". Select Yes to keep this folder available when you use Google Earth again.


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