Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New features added

New Features were released today to improve functionality. They include:

  • Added new tab to Name for literature-based distribution
  • Enhanced image search to show results with thumbnails (can toggle between thumbnails and previous detail view)
    • Go to Images search and select Rosaceae in Family dropdown.
  • Added country dropdown for Name->Specimens and Name->Distribution
  • Added link to “Project” page to “More” menu. Contains links to project portal pages (e.g. IPCN page)


Anonymous said...

Bryophytes - Pohlia cruda var. imbricata. This taxon is present in the database, but the name is not recognised by the name search.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is. Just leave of the period after var. Try "Pohlia cruda var imbricata" instead.